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Since the founding of the company in 1964, we have unceasingly adapted to the changing nature of the world.

Our history

For almost 60 years, the company’s management has continually tried to be in advance concerning the trends in our sector.

By constantly questioning and actively studying the situation, we have always overcome the obstacles and have been able to transform the company. From a small French goods transport SME, we have developed Greilsammer into a major enterprise capable of offering global solutions for managing the supply chain.

We provide all our customers with a dedicated contact interface within a reliable and dynamic team.

We commit to respond to all requests as fast as possible providing customers systematically with a response within half a working day.

We work in an international environment and our staff includes qualified employees who speak French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish and most of the languages of Eastern Europe.

Les premiers camions Greilsammer
Corporate Social Responsibility Charter Greilsammer

Our CSR Policy

Integration of CSR in our strategy and management of risks and opportunities.

Environmental issues:

  • Structured approach,
  • Anti-pollution measure for air, water and the land,
  • Energy consumption and climate change,
  • The circular economy and waste management.

Promoting CSR in the value chain and in our vigilance concerning:

  • Forced labour and child labour
  • Employment and employer/employee relations and the fundamental workers’ rights.
  • Working conditions and the quality of life at work
  • Remuneration
  • Social dialogue
  • Health and safety at work
  • Human capital development

Challenges arising from practice loyalty:

  • Anti-corruption and anti-fraud measures,
  • Sustainable relationships with customers, sub-contractors and suppliers.

Customer/consumer challenges:

  • Trustworthy practices concerning information and contracts,
  • Resolving disputes.

To find out more download our
October 2021 CSR Charter


In recent years, our particular sector has been subject to constant change: digitalisation of working methods, regulations in a constant sate of flux, globalisation of commercial exchanges. For all these reasons, Greilsammer has put in place on-going training programmes suited to each person’s sector of activity and specialisation.

Training, whether it is in-house or external training, concerns all employees during their career in our company:

  • Regular training for our drivers
  • Language training for those in contact with customers. At Greilsammer we are able to converse fluently with you in French, English, German, Polish, Italian, Spanish, etc..
  • Management training. Because employees who feel well supported are more productive, happier in their jobs and more committed.
La formation chez Greilsammer des conducteurs exploitants administratifs managers

our key figures

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our values

Whatever their role in the company, our employees sign up for our values, the values that have built the reputation that Greilsammer enjoys today. A respected and reliable company.

Our Values greilsammer

Active listening

is the corner-stone of our company. We constantly seek our customers’ views, and those of the industry, in order to offer the best choice of services in the market.


If Greilsammer has been able to impose itself in the goods transport marketplace over close to sixty years, and to expand as an international force in the sector, it is thanks to the quality of the service that our customers have come to expect.

Responsabilité sociale et écologique de greilsammer


We run our company as a responsible corporate citizen, complying with economic and social laws and regulations, and actively working to preserve the environment.

Team spirit

We are today close to 200 dedicated employees who work hand in hand to satisfy the overall company interest. Solidarity and cooperation are the watchwords.

The founding principle of our company policies is customer satisfaction respecting a permanent balance between the customers interests and those of our employees and of our shareholders.


Chairman & General Manager

why should you place your confidence in us?

Greilsammer Because your time is valuable

Our solutions

Because your time is valuable we have developed an extensive range of complete and customisable offerings.

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