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Created in 1964, the company has never stopped evolving in order to respond to the transformations of our world.

Our history

For almost 60 years, the company’s management has constantly sought to anticipate developments in our sector.

Through a permanent dynamic and a constant questioning, we were able to overcome the obstacles and transform the company. From a small French freight forwarding company we have developed Greilsammer into a company capable of offering global supply chain services worldwide.

We offer our customers a personal contact with a dedicated contact person within a dynamic and reliable team.

We undertake to deal with all requests as quickly as possible and to provide our contacts with a systematic response within half a day.

In our international environment, all our employees are competent in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish and most Eastern European languages…

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Our CSR Policy

Integration of CSR into strategy and management of risks and opportunities

Environmental issues

  • Structured approach
  • Combating air, water and soil pollution
  • Energy consumption and climate change
  • Circular economy and waste management

Promotion of CSR in the value chain and duty of care on forced labour and child labour

Promotion of CSR in the value chain and vigilance in the area of

  • Employment and employer/employee relations and core labour rights
  • Working conditions and quality of life at work
  • Remuneration
  • Social dialogue
  • Health and safety at work
  • Human capital development

Fair practice issues

  • Fighting corruption and fraud
  • Sustainable links with customers, subcontractors and suppliers

Customer/consumer issues

  • Fair information and contracting practices
  • Dispute resolution

For more information download our CSR Charter October 2021


Internal training

For the last few years, our sector has been in a state of transformation: digitalisation of tools, constantly changing regulations, globalisation of exchanges, which is why Greilsammer has built training programmes for its employees that are adapted to each of their professions.

Whether in-house or outsourced, training concerns all employees during their career in our company:

  • Regular training of our drivers
  • Language training for operators and employees in contact with customers. At Greilsammer we are able to communicate with you fluently in English, French, German, Polish, Italian, Spanish…
  • Training for managers. Because well-supported employees are more efficient in their daily work, more serene in their work and more committed.
La formation chez Greilsammer des conducteurs exploitants administratifs managers

our key figures

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our core values

Whatever their role in the company, our employees adhere to the values that have built Greilsammer and made it what it is today. A renowned and reliable company.

Les valeurs Greilsammer


is the cornerstone of our company. we are constantly listening to our customers and are committed to respecting our commitments with the aim of always satisfying them and building their loyalty;


We anticipate the needs of our customers and the changes in our world, and for almost 60 years we have been constantly developing our offerings to meet the demands of our customers.

Responsabilité sociale et écologique de greilsammer


We conduct ourselves as a responsible corporate citizen by complying with economic and social laws and by voluntarily and actively working to preserve the environment.

team spirit

The interest of the company comes before any particular interest. We stand in solidarity with each other and are involved in achieving the common goal.

Our company policy is based on the satisfaction of our customers while constantly balancing their interests, those of our employees and those of our shareholders.


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our services

Because your time is precious, we have developed a comprehensive and customisable service offering.

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